Amiri King Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

YouTube personnel are quite popular among the youngsters, and Amiri King is one of them. His RoyalMediaMafia has earned him fame which is beyond any wild imagination.

Amiri successfully gets established his own channel and gave it a unique title RoyalMediaMafia.

Cars and parodies are his favorite area of excavation. He is basically famous for frequent video uploads and some parodies. He got inspiration from the poet Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen and decided to keep his name as Amiri King.

For his comic skills, he is ruling on YouTube, and presently his net worth is around $250 thousand. He is worth it!

Early Life

If you follow YouTube regularly, you must be familiar with the name, Amiri King. He has been established himself as the comedy king of YouTube with his amazing comic skills. He was born on 10th July 1979 in Kentucky. His zodiac sign is cancer.

From childhood, he never liked his name, and when he turned 18, he didn’t wait a bit to change his name. He changed his name to ‘Amiri King’ after his favorite poets, Countee Cullen and Amiri Baraka. Maybe, he is a big star on the internet now, but his childhood was quite troubled. At the mere age of 11, he ran away from his house and spent his days on the streets.

When he was only 16 years old, he was involved in 1st degree armed robbery and sent to jail. He was released when he turned 18 only to go back behind bars for three years. Once he got out from the jail, he used to speak at schools about his knowledge and experience with a lawsuit.

It was only 2006 when he started his YouTube channel, ‘Royal Media Mafia.’ He started to pose amazing videos of parodies and cars. Within a while, he understood his potential in comedy and started doing it on his YouTube channel.

Soon, he became famous on the internet. YouTube has been Amiri favorite platform with which he was associated as a fellow stand-up comedian. He named himself as Peter Shukoff.

He was also into writing comedies professionally. He shared several videos based on the personal experiences via various Vlogs. He has about 290, 000 subscription in his YouTube channel.

He had been recognized all around the world for making a unique title vlog “My Vlog Is Better than Yours.”


The once con-man has now turned into a YouTube star comedian- the journey was not easy though. Through his first YouTube channel, Royal Media Mafia’, he started his career as a comedian, and soon he became immensely successful in grabbing attractions of millions.

Presently, he has become one of the most famous YouTube personalities and often shares his videos, vlogs, and blogs on social media to keep people captivated with his performances. King’s ‘Royal Media Mafia’ is now getting millions of views. He, usually, posts videos related to cars and parodies there.

At present, Amiri has more than 280,000 subscribers. He has posted several hilarious videos, but his ‘Chevy Colorado Parody’ and ‘Chevy Silverado Parody 2 is one of the most popular videos he has ever posted. Both of these videos have become successful in getting views more than 5 million.

For his amazing performance on YouTube, he has been on the cover page of Reader’s Digest for three times. This is a real achievement for a YouTube personality. Apart from YouTube, Amiri is also active on social media sites, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

No matter how big YouTube star Amiri king has become, he has the Tony Donovan spirit still in him. Therefore, besides his amazingly successful story as YouTube personality, another story runs through.

He is a great artist who sells his artwork to many art galleries to make more money. Besides that, he also creates contents for local comedians.

Personal Life

While talking about such a popular personality, the fans will also be interested in having a glimpse of his personal life. Arimi King is married, though there is no information is found about his wife. He has two lovely and cute daughters- Kennedy and Tilly.

In his teens, he has spent few years in jail. Though he is a con-man turned comedian. Still, he has the dare in him to face the ruthless side of this world. He often faces several controversies by posting his honest comments on different types of burning issues on Facebook and Twitter.

Peter Shukoff is a good friend of Amiri King, and both of them is a great team together. They have worked together in many videos and gain huge popularity.

Once homeless, now owns a magnificent house at Nicholasville, Kentucky of 5129 Square Foot. This big house comprises of six bedrooms, five bathrooms along with a beautiful swimming pool in the backyard of the house. The estimated price of his mansion is around $285,000. Not only this, but he is also a connoisseur of great cars. In his possession, he has two vehicles. He has bought 1963 Coupe Devil, the luxurious car. The estimated worth of this car is $12,395. He is also the owner of 77 Caprice whose estimated price is $18,990.

Quick Summary

Full Name- Tony Donovan Schork

Date of Birth- July 10, 1979

Birthplace- Louisville, Kentucky

Age- 38 Years

Profession- YouTube personality/Comedian

Height- 6 feet

Net Worth- $250 thousand