Angel Del Villar Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Angel Del Villar is a known Mexican entreprenuer and an owner of known record label called DEL Records.

He is known for his support for local Mexican singers and authors.

Early life:

Informations about his childhood life are very hard to find. It is known that he was born in Los Angeles County in California but he lives in San Fernando Valley.

He is in his late 30s now so we can only estimate his date of birth, but we cannot know the exact one.

He was interested in music from his high school days and was always focused on Mexican music. He found peace in the art of sound and says that he thinks it was his way of coping with difficulties.

Career development:

Angel founded his company in 2008 in a suburb of Los Angeles called Downey. The company is involved and divided in many entertainment divisions: DEL Records, DEL Studios, DEL Publishing and DEL Entertainment. He is the CEO of all of this divisions.

Angel wanted to focus his work into Mexican music and signed a lot of artists such as Gerardo Ortiz and Regulo Caro to his record label. He wanted to make them famous and spread the word about this wonderful genre of music.

Angel was a succesful businessman who ran a fencing company before entering the record business. This was his way to get closer to the music he was in love with.

In 2012 Gerardo Ortiz signed for DEL Records. It is a great success for both because Gerardo became a prominent young Mexican singer, a new wave for Mexican music, and DEL Records signed a popular young singer and gained money since they take a part of his profit.

Sony Music Latin is a music distributing company who is currently distributing DEL Records albums. They signed a special contract with Gerardo Ortiz because of his popularity.

2016 was extremely successful year for DEL Records because the label gained six Billboard Latin Music Awards.

The same year the record company partnered up with Combate Americas, the first Hispanic MMA sports in the US, which was founded in 2011. That meant that DEL Records artists such as Regulo Caro will go to MMA events where they will walk the fighters to cage and after the fight was done, they will perform on stage.

In 2017, DEL Records released an album “Ariel Camacho Para Siempre Duetos” in tribute to Ariel Camacho, an artist who was signes to the record label and died in 2015. After he died, a group of artists formed a band called “Los Plebes Del Rancho de Ariel Camacho”. The group won three Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2017.

DEL Records received two awards the same year, including the most important ones: Top Latin Albums and Top Mexican Song Artists.

DEL Records has currently signed over 20 artists, and the most popular are Gerardo Ortiz, King Lil G and Regulo Caro.

Personal life:

He was in a relationship with Chiquis Rivero, since 2012. It lasted almost four years and they were about to get married but eventually they split up in 2015, not revealing reasons for it. The media, as always, speculates a lot on what could’ve happened but neither of them shared anything nor did they confirm any of the theories.

His ex, Chiquis Rivera, is a singer who came to spotlight after she released her first single calles “Paloma Blanca” in 2014. Her late mother Jenni Rivera was also a known musician. She inherrited her music talent. Many people say that they were together only because of the fact that he fell in love with her voice and her talent since he loves music, but not with her too.

Today he is single although there are rumours that he is dating another Mexican actress.

Angel is known as a man who likes to help the community so he also sealed a partnership with many organuzations for launching the campaign under the name “Shut Up Haters and Vote”. The campaign was oriented on a big population of students who weren’t interested in voting.

He always tries to promote Mexico in any way possible and thinks that the world should notice all of the talents that mexican people bring to it, especially to the world of music.

Quick summary

Full name:  Angel Del Villar

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace: Los Angeles County

Age: NA

Profession: businessman, CEO of DEL Records

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $15 million