Cardi B Net Worth 2018, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Cardi B is a known American hip hop artist and social media star from Bronx, New York.

She became popular after her first mixtape called „Gangsta Bitch Music“ and especially after her appearance in VH1 reality show called “Love & Hip Hop: New York”.

Early life:

She was born as Belcalis Almanzar on October 11, 1992 in Bronx in New York. She is from a mixed descent: her mother is from Trinidad and her dad is from Dominican Republic. Most of her childhood was spent at her grandma’s place in Washington Heights. When she reached her teenage years she joined the „Bloods Street Gang“ but never fell into the gang stuff to deep. She was an attention seeker, trying to suceed in life.

She was a student at Renaissance High School (For Musical Theater & Technology) but not for long.

She worked in a supermarket in Manhattan during her teens but as soon as she could she changed her job because she felt that she was underpaid.

Career development:

At the age of 19 she started working as a stripper, and it was her way to run away from the poverty her family was in. She was also trying to escape from an abusive relationship and physical violence she suffered in it.

Her situation at home wasn’t very nice too, police often came because of domestic violence and her mother even kicked her out at one point.

Although many people think stripping is the way to go down, for her it was a good thing. She returned to school after she earned enough money for the scholarship but eventually she dropped out of college because she wanted to pursue her music career.

She was always a big fan of social media and has both Facebook and Instagram accounts. She gained publicity on them by releasing several videos that went viral. She gained a lot of followers even before she became famous.

In 2015, she released her first remix, a single „Boom Boom“ originally played by Shaggy which was received very well amongst the public.

Her first video came out at the end of the same year and was also a cover of a single called „Queens Speech 4“ by Lady Leshurr.

At the beginning of 2016, she released her first mixtape named „Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1“. Her agressive rapping and her accent made her widely known.

In January 2017 her second mixtape called „Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol.2“ was released. It was very well accepted by her fans.

Next month she signed her first contract with a record label, accepting an offer from Atlantic Records. It was a big breakout for her because Atlantic Records is one of the major labels in USA.

She was involved in „H’s Beautiful Tour“ with Lil’Kim and Remy Ma, another known female rappers.

„i-D“, a known British magazine, featured her in their video. The video was sponsored by Marc Jacobs.

She was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artists on 2017 BET Awards. She hasn’t received any of them at the end but she performed on BET afterparty. The nominations were great achievements for someone like her who just entered the rapping game.

She was one of the female rappers invited to Summer Jam festival to celebrate female empowerment with the single „U.N.I.T.Y.“  by Queen Latifah.

Her first single released by Atlantic Records called „Bodak Yellow“ was distributed on the Internet. It was her biggest hit till then, and she rapped about Loboutin heels in the song. People liked her style of rapping since it was very perky and resembled her personality a lot.

She performed this song on „The Wendy Williams Show“, a Fox talk show, where she was also interviewed. The song made it to No.2. of Billboard Hot 100 list and this was something that Cardi was very proud of, but she didn’t know that it will get even better.

In September 2017 the single reached No.1. and she was the first female rapper since 1998 to get on this position. Lauryn Hill was the last one so long ago.

The single became platinum which was a huge success and this helped her join the hip hop scene much quicker than she thought it would.

She released a single „La Modelo“ made in collaboration with Ozuna, a singer from Puerto Rico.

In 2015 she joined „Love & Hip Hop: NY“, a VH1 reality show, in the 6th season. This and the next season brought informations about her career and her relationship with her inprisoned boyfriend. She left the show in 2016 since she thought that it brings too much drama into her life and she wanted to dedicate herself to her music.

She was featured in many TV shows: in „Kocktails with Khloé“, in „Being Mary Jane“ and „Hip Hop Squares“. These are all known series with famous stars.

In 2017 she was one of the central personalities on New York Fashion Week and she was on the cover of „The Fader“. It is one of the most popular New York’s music and lifestyle magazine.

Personal life:

Cardi B, her stage name, stands for Bacardi, an alcohol beverage. She stated that her sister has a real name Hennessy, like the French coqnac.

She stated that her role models were Missy Elliot, Madonna and Lady Gaga. She has a very aggressive style of rapping.

She is a Christian and she often mentions how she „speaks to God“. She says that everything that happened to her in life was for a reason, even stripping. It was a God’s plan.

In 2017 she started her relationship with another known artist called Offset from the hip hop group called „Migos“. Quavo, Takeoff and Offser make the trio “Migos” from Georgia.

They got engaged the same year, and he proposed to her during a concert. She claims that she is very happy but doesn’t want to have children yet. She is pursuing her career.

Quick summary

Full name:  Belcalis Almanzar

Date of birth: October 11, 1992

Birthplace: Bronx, New York

Age: 25

Profession: former stripper, rapper

Height: 1,80 m

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $4 million