Christian DelGrosso Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Christian DelGrosso is a known internet star who became famous for his videos which he uploaded on the internet.

He gained a very huge fan base in a very short period of time and he became a famous wine star earning a lot of money from his internet business.

Early years

He was born on May 24, 1993 in Canada and he finished high school in Ontario.

After finishing high school he decided to try himself out on the internet so he created videos and uploaded them on the Vine platform. Vine was very popular at the time so he was pretty sure that he’ll be successful.

Christian and his brother Julian were both students in a high school in Richmond Hill which was known as a Catholic School. They always got along very well.

He and his younger brother Julian enrolled this school because their parents were highly religious and involved in the work of the parish and because of their work the brothers received scholarships for Catholic school. This was not a thrill to the brothers.

Career development

He uploaded his first video where the main character was his mom and the video was called “How to Show Your Mom Vine”.

The video became popular very shortly after going online and he gained almost 10,000 followers by putting this video. People not only found him funny, but also relatable.

After this event, he started posting videos more often,  until he reached the number of 7 million followers.

Most of his videos are humoristic and he is very good in comedy. He hopes to get a good movie role to show off his talent. Working his way up on Vine, he didn’t get any major collaborations though.

All of his hard work on the videos and on the internet brought him a huge income so his net worth is estimated at almost 1 million dollars. He said that the support on the internet left a huge impact on his life.

After becoming a known face on the internet he started to taking roles in some movies such as “Insidious 3” and “Blue Weekend”. This was pretty late in his Vine career though and by now he was already very well known.

As for his personal life and his family it is known that he has a younger brother called Julian. They are in good relations since he helps the younger brother to get famous on the internet.

Julian was also very known at Vine and he had to stop being a Viner after this platform was shut down.

Christian’s brother Julian then turned to music and joined a band named “Bad Thief”.

Since Julian studied jazz before entering the band he had a very good knowledge and experience so he did very good in his new band.

He became successful and now he earns a pretty good income.

Christian was always interested in acting and in 2013 he began taking acting classes. In order to pay for the classes he was forced to work as a waiter to have some extra income.

He is known for many collaborations with many different internet stars.

Some of the most famous where Matthew Espinoza and Cameron Dallas.

These two stars we’re also related to Vine platform.

In 2016 he started his more serious movie career by starring in a film named “Mono”.

Of course, the film was a comedy because he was a great comedian and he played a roll of Bucky in it.

His big breakthrough came when he was invited to starr in the new series on Netflix called “Chasing Cameron” with two other internet stars named Logan Paul and King Bach.

Since he was great with computers and computer programmes he earned income by working for companies who hired him to test the applications they have developed.

Since he had lots of experience with his fans and interactions with them through Vine, he was considered as an expert in evaluating how interesting those applications would be for younger clients.

Personal life

He has an excellent relationship with his parents, especially mom who is his great support and help in everything he does.

His girlfriend is Kristen McGowan, a known Instagram star and they have great time together. They love travelling and it can be seen on their social platforms.

Christian and Kristen have uploaded a great deal of their videos and joint photos on their social media accounts. It seems they are having a great time together.

He is always ready to support a good cause such as in a Gabbie Hanna campaign against smoking called ‘It’s a trap’.

He stated that Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell are his biggest role models in comedy and that he will try to follow their steps.

Quick summary

Full name: Christian DelGrosso

Date of birth: May 24, 1993

Birthplace:  Ontario, Canada

Age: 25

Profession: former Viner, YouTuber, actor, comedian

Height: 1, 80 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million