Froggy Fresh Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Froggy Fresh is a Michigan rapper who was earlier known as Krispy Kreme and later it was found out that he isn’t Krispy Krene from Alabama but Tyler Cassidy from Michigan.

He became famous with his single “The Baddest” followed by a hillarious video which went viral.

Early life:

He was born as Tyler Stephen Cassidy in 1989 in Michigan in United States to Bradley and Renee Cassidy.

There isn’t many information about his childhood and youth but he claims it was a normal childhood, nothing out of the ordinary. He was loved and raised in an educated family.

It is known that he attended high school in Michigan called Grand Blac and that he  graduated in 2008 with a very high GPA, almost 4.0. He was the valeditorian in his class, and it was presumed he will go to college. He surprised all of his friend and family when he told them what career does he plan on persuing.

Career development:

He started uploading his singles on his Youtube channel. He found this platform was great to show the world where his interests lie and, since he was pretty funny too, he started to gather up an audience.

“The Pain”, “Wasteland” and “Forever” are his three videos from YouTube which he posted as Tyler Cassidy, before he became Krispy Kreme. They show that he really likes to rap. These videos were not known as his until 2012 when everybody found out his real name.

Krispy Kreme is known for his absurd lyrics and hillarious videos which were more bad than good. He chose strange places to rap from: a tree, a basement and once he rapped with a cold and a runny nose in his room. It was way different than other rappers did.

The budget for the videos was low and visual settings were more than strange but it seemed to make people watch them over and over again, reaching over 10 million views. Everybody loved his extraordinary accent and how “stupid” it all looked like.

His next video, for a single “Best Friends” was different from all before: it had better production, the single had better lines and sharper lyrics. It seemed like he grew as an artist, getting more serious about his work.

In 2012, an anonymus person posted his three videos he made as Taylor Cassidy, pointing out that he is Krispy Kreme and trying to blow up his cover. The person succeeded but Krispy didn’t lose his fan base.

Krispy never responsed to this, never denied or confirmed it. He just continued making videos.

Only a few days after the release of this single, Krispy appeared in a video blog interestingly called “Fight For Your Dreams”. It was the first time that Krispy showed he knows what reality looks like and he talked about all the sacrifices he made, friends he lost and things he had to do for his moniker Krispy to succeed. He became closer to his fans by revealing this part of his life.

Then came a single called  “Girl Work It” which showed his love for experimenting but wasn’t received so well. It was too plain for everybody who was used to his way of rapping.

Soon came ““Stolen Bikes”, with very low production quality – it was like returning to his beginings.

He continued making videos, but this time they were better produced and with better lyrics. He tried to up his game since his intentions were very serious.

He was invited to be a guest on Tosh.0 video show. His next single was called “Denzel Washington” he rapped about his favorite actor and his movies.

Krispy Kreme released a video connected to Christmas and it was a big hit too.

The Krispy Kreme Corporation threatened to sue him for using their trademark without permission so he changed his name into Froggy Fresh.

His next song “Haters Wanna Be Me” was released in 2012 and also became a hit. People loved the rythm.

He released his first album called “Money Maker” with his new stage name. “Same Old Kid” and “ER” were especially popular songs from this album.

His next album “Dream Team” was released in 2014 and it contained a hit single “Dunked On”.

There is a merchandising company that sells products related to Froggy Fresh and it is on his website. This is one of the biggest source of income he has.

Personal life:

Taylor doesn’t post any pictures or share informations about his private life on any social media.

It is known that he is a big fan of Denzel Washington and has all of his movies at home. This can be discovered through some intervoews since he isn’t too active on instagram or facebook. He tries to keep his life quiet.

He is a fan of basketball and his favorite team are Chicago Bulls. He used to play as a hobby but isn’t particularly good at it so he never thought of making a career in sports.

He never mentioned any girlfriend in his life, but the media sometimes speculate that he is dating some fellow comedians and artists..

He is short and doesn’t like it. He was teased about it a lot in school and this left a big impact on him. People say that maybe his personality is a bit agressive sometimes because of this defense mechanism that he developed.

Quick summary

Full name:  Tyler Stephen Cassidy

Date of birth: 1989

Birthplace: Flint, Michigan

Age: 29

Profession: rapper, artist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $100,000