Marques Brownlee Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Marques Brownlee is known for his high quality videos in his YouTube channel.  He is an American blogger featuring  on high-technology videos.  Hus HD-YouTube channel has reached a count over 4.56 million of subscribers and 616 million view counts.  Marques has come up with a channel MKBHD has is counted among among top most viewed channel in the recent past days.

Marques is favourite to the young generation especially the teenage group who are inclined towards the technological developments and the fast growing advanced electronic medium.

He is very detailed on his descriptions and never compromises with the quality of his presentation. He makes his videos completely based on the impacts and techniques of using the various consumer electronics. People are quite enriched with his informative videos and this makes his videos have a huge count of views and subscriptions.

Reviews syas that hia income would soon take a jump by 700% per month. His dedication has made him penetrate in the technical industry widely. Marques net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 2 million as reviewed and declared till date.

Early life

Marques Brownlee was born on 3rd December, in the year 1993. Hus birth place as per record is Maplewood, New Jersey. He hails from United States and possess an American nationality. Je achieved his basic academic qualifications from the local reputed institutions Columbia High School.

Even after maintaining such a busy schedule, Marques enables himself to continue with his academic career. Presently,  the YouTube personality is proceeding in the field of marketing and hopefully would achieve a diploma degree in it.  He has got himself enrolled in the Steven Institute of Technology.

Marques from his early childhood days was interested in coming up with an individual channel. He was hardly a young boy of 15 years when he was started operating his own YouTube channel.

During his junior school days, he was into playing golf and was known for his ultimate frisbee abilities. After his graduation in the year 2015, he served the Philadelphia Spinners Brownlee which is much known to people today as New Jersey Hammerheads. The team actually belonged under the group American Ultimate Disc League and the other section of New York Rumble. Both are part of the popular and successful team Major League Ultimate. He was took frisbee as a professional venture but soon ended up being interested with a YouTube channel.

After he attended the Columbia High School, he studied as a individual part of the reputed institute Howe School that was in the Steven Institute of Technology. He has achieved a major degree in the subject of business and information technology.


Marques have achieved quite a lot of recommendation and fame as a vlogger and are quite efficiently proceeding with various hosting services and innovations. His idea of making High Definition videos tends to be a successful one. He was quite innovative to name his channel on his initial name MKBHD.

In the year 2014, Marques had already gathered more than 900, 000 and over 70 million viewers count.

His channel was soon considered as the mostly viewed developing channel based on a innovative business. He was honored in the year 2013, by Vic Gundotra, who is the Senior Vice president. He was ascribed the title of the best innovative business analyst all around the world presently.

Presently, Brownlee resides in the coast urban communities that are situated within New Jersey, Maplewood, Hoboken, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. On being associated with Steven Institute, Brown has come to know more about business innovation techniques and gained much more knowledge on the information frameworks. He also developed some expert technical support system on showcasing.

His first appearance on his YouTube channel was in the year 2008, 21st March. He started off with transferring of records that were his own creation.  On 1st January, 2009 his first recording was claimed officially. Brownlee asserted that the recorded castings he posted would be given adequate discussion to be give detail clarification.  He came up with his initial videos with detail recording and instructions for use.  They were equipped fundamentally on the required exercises that are off instructional values and are of freeware.

Soon after he was attracted much more by the organization to portray and exhibit the programming techniques and necessary equipment and just enables the auditing that is required for detailed description for the innovation lovers. Today Marques is world wide famous for making substantial HD videos on the techniques of handling gadgets.  In the year 2013, he acquired huge number of endorsements about 804,190.

On gathering so many endorsers, the YouTube channel MKBHD achieved such a high rate of subscription.. Today Brownlee tries to upload at least one video each of the week. As the reviews of SocialBlade, the channel rating of MKBHD is quite noticeable. His endorsers rating are about 620th and his video count was ranked with 3,347th.  By SocialBlade he was ranked individually at 475th.

As he is developing upon his techniques and speed of work, he is devoting himself more into his career that is making him make one upload each week.  On an average count, he receives 2000 subscribers per day.

On 15th December, 2015 Brownlee was called for an interview with the famous interviewer Kobe Bryant who a professional basketball player is serving NBA. He decided on uploading the discussion with an ascribed title “Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant”.

Personal life

Marcus Brownlee has no such information about his relationship status.  He is probably single and has no affairs till date.  Brownlee is into making HD videos and getting established in his career.

Presently he is residing in his hometown and continuing with his career development. He is not into any controversies and remains little private and away from the crowd.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marques Brownlee

Date of Birth: 3 December, 1993

Birth Place: Maplewood, New Jersey, United States.

Age:  24 Years Old

Profession: YouTube Personality

Height: 1.9 m

Weight:  NA

Net worth: $ 2 Million.