Michael Santana aka imaqtpie Net Worth 2018, Age, Height

The United States has been producing many gamers since the advent of a computer game. These gamers are the main pillars for the success of gaming industry which is producing various games. Imaqtpie is one such player who has initiated huge involvement of innumerable followers of games to make their career in gaming.

The renowned gamer has earned a huge reputation as a professional in the gaming industry. He has served many teams so far in his gaming career of which Oh Gods Bear requires special mentioning.

Though he now belongs to the group of elite gamers initially, he did not want to enter the arena of professional gamers. He has almost made it a habit to win any major game. He has shown his supremacy in the Flippers360 LAN Tournament.

Playing for several teams he had won many famous gaming titles. His dominance in the League of Legends has been observed and with his catchphrases has earned a huge popularity.

He has been always very optimistic and had never shown any give up attitude even in some odd situation. In 2012 in the IEM Season IV his squad Team Dignitas got the runners-up title. The same team got the third rank in IGN Proleague Season 4 held in Las Vegas.

The most successful Elo rating professional gamer from the United States has been watched by over 1.4 million followers of the game in Twitch Star. All his fans feel great in watching his various gaming strategies which he adopts during the course of any game. His efficiency and involvement in the game have earned him huge popularity along with the financial power.

The gamer earns quite conveniently at least $2 million dollars each year through his gaming career. Played in the midline but for the Delta Fox later he is started serving as the promising AD carry.

Just 26 years old has a long road to go had already gathered not less than $1.3 million dollars as his estimated net worth. For the records till his 21st appearance in major tournaments he had bagged $31,997.65 dollars.

Early Life

Imaqtpie was born as Michael Santana on 21st February 1992 in Margate, Florida, United States of America. Jose Santana and Maria Santana are his proud parents. He was born with a mixed ethnicity of Colombian and Cuban origin. There is no information available that whether this excellent gamer has grown with any siblings or is the only son of his parents.

The world is well aware of the fact that Imaqtpie is a very keen television watcher from his early childhood days. But we do not have any idea about his education or any particular training. He is fond of cooking and this has come up as from the childhood he loves to watch Food Network.

Apart from watching various programs on television he gradually started involving in Play Station. He took up the game quite casually but while playing regularly felt that the gaming can be his promising career.

Gradually he became more and more efficient through his tremendous focus and involvement. One day he decided to start up gaming as a professional gamer. He took up the name Imaqtie which is given by his mother. With the encouragement of his close ones he started playing for’ Oh God Bears’


Initially, it was just a casual approach but the seriousness was very much there but was little hesitant to make an entry in the professional world. Gathering knowledge of various games and playing ability and the encouragements made way to the professional arena.

When he is a matured teenage of nineteen he decided to become a professional gamer. He got into the team of ‘Oh God Bears’ and started playing for the team. Things are not happening after a while and he decided to move out of the squad in April 2011.

He did not have wait long to get into some other team after the departure from Oh God Bear. He started playing for the team ‘Rock Solid’ from April only and after playing for some months move out of Rock Solid in September 2011.

In that year while he was on the team of Rock Solid, the team won the National ESL Premier League of 2011. His expectations were very high and hence he was always looking out for the real exposure.

He moved out of the ‘Rock Solid’ and again did not wait long as in the same month he was asked to join ‘Team Dignitas’. After he joined Team Dignitas the squad made an excellent performance in the MGL Providence and emerged as the second runners-up in the championship. During his days with Team Dignitas Kurtis Ling was his teammate.

It is all happening as he thought while he was playing for Team Dignitas. The next year he was more confident with his style of playing. He began the season with an excellent win in the Curse Prize Final of LoLPro.com in the month of February. It is as if everything is happening as wished and the rhythm was on the high note. The team entered in the IEM Season IV.

After some fabulous performance in the tournament his team though did not emerge as the winner in the World Championship but become the runner-up. Then they proceeded in the IPL Elite NA and bring out the excellent gaming skill to clinch the title in the July of the year 2012.

He has by then become a real star of the professional gaming world and a masterpiece to watch. Imaqtpie is really a fantastic gamer who can take the reign of the game under his control. He was seen appearing in some episodes of the Reflections in 2013.

In that very year, his team made a terrific performance in MLG Winter Championship International Exhibition and emerged as the second runner-up. In the Summer Playoffs of the Season 3 NA LCS his squad played well. The team was little behind from reaching the top. Finally, in the tournament, the team had to remain satisfied with the 4th rank.

After the tremendous successful run at the Team Dignitas, he wanted to take a long leave from the game. For the purpose, he took off his name from the Team Dignitas in October 214. For some long period remained away from the gaming arena. Then realizing to join in again he signed with the Delta Cox in the May of 2017. The gap of not playing for so long has faded the skill a bit which he would definitely regain in future shortly.

He went up with the squad to participate in the NACS Summer in July 2017 and managed to the sixth rank. Whatever his team is doing but Imagtpie is presently a Flipper360 LAN winner. He has won various professional titles during his enviable gaming career. It is worth mentioning that in the year 2016 eSports Industry Awards had declared him to be the Streamer of the Year.

Personal Life

Imaqtpie is really a big name in the professional gaming world but he had always remained modest and humble in his life. He has a long affair with Lisha Wei who happens to be his fiancé.

Presently two are staying happily in the well-furnished house in Margate. Imaqtpie has deep feelings for animals from his early childhood. He is very much fond of his pets and is just a part of his life.

His Slammcat, Mellowcat are his favorite cats and his dog has been named as Dapperdog. He does not believe in working with strains rather he prefers to make intelligent moves in life as he does in games.

Presently he is staying at Florida.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Michael Santana

Date of Birth: February 21st, 1992

Birth Place: Margate, Florida, United States of America

Age: 26 Years

Profession: YouTube Star and Gamer

Height: 6 Feet / 1.82 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.3 Million