Soren Bjerg Bjergsen Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Bjergsen is one of the young talents who has earned a recognizable position in the field of the game. He is basically known for his gaming abilities in the segments of League of Legends. Bjergsen being Danish gamer initially played for the group Team SoloMid in the category of Mid Laner and he really impressed the followers of North American League of Legends Championship.

At quite a young age the gamer has come to fulfill many of the promises and has finally succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of success. He can be easily considered the real master of the world of games and presently, the gamer has already accumulated a lot of money being rewarded for his immense talents.

His unique and intricate skills have made him reach such a level. Some of his gaming videos is really inspiring and worthy enough to be talked about. The gamer has already earned 450,000 subscribers and reached a count of 45 million.

The net worth of the gaming wizard is about $ 1.5 million and still counting ahead. The gamer is having a long way to go and still has ample scope to succeed.

Early Life

Soren Bjerj Bjergsen was born on 21st February 1996 at Denmark. He was quite a good student but he was bullied by his friends in school for being little different from others.  He understood that for him the only resort was playing video games. This is because the amount of bully that the individual had to face in school had resulted in a chronic depression.

Therefore, the video games provided the much-needed peace to Bjergsen.  Negligence on the part of the parents had been another contributing factor to the problems faced by Bjergsen in school.  The gamer had somehow managed his days in school and did continue his education in the similar school until the eighth grade.

After passing the eighth grade the individual had been transferred to an entirely new school. Unfortunately, the bullying did not stop in the new school but had been redoubled.  This means that Bjergsen had hoped for a better environment in the new school. But this time the beating and bullying process had been much more severe as the bullying now had been associated with physical thrashes.

The unavailability of options did make Bjergsen take an early exit from the school. The torture that he had to face on a regular basis from school led to extreme anxiety within him along with provocations.

This was the time when the individual did concentrate on the aspect of gaming and took it much seriously. His parents had taken many initiatives in order to make his return to school.

However, the gamer had been hell-bent on not visiting the school anymore.

Moreover, the gamer was much interested in making more name in the field of video games.  He somehow succeeded in making his parents believe that he would surely succeed if he continues with the enormous platform of games.


Bjergsen he started off playing several games along with the series of LOL. He was successful in making a lot of money. He reached his first success with NorthCon eSport and the prestigious Eclypsia Christmas Cup.

In the year 2012, Bjergsen started concentrating on his professional career along with Western Wolves.  While he was a young lad he went for participating in the League of Legends. He was known to the youngest gamer in the team.

At first, he failed to make a real entry with the group named Copenhagen Wolves in the season third of European LCS only because of some issues relating to age.  He was not allowed to participate because of his young age. He then participated in Riot Games.

The very first two weeks the gamer Cow Tard replaced Bjergsen, but on attaining 17 years of age he was allowed to participate in the rest of the matches. Bjergsen tasted his first success with Copenhagen Wolves and them he went for acquiring a position in the game “Summer By Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP)” till the end of November 2013.

While during his early November days, the gamer left for the LCS European and then went for joining the North American LCS on moving to the United States. Soon he decided to join the brilliant team named Team SoloMid.

Bjergsen thought of leaving his position to the other team named Lemondogs and he was fined there $ 2000 dollars by the famous Riot Games in the year 23rd January 2014.

He was very talented and then he was replaced by the founder of TSM, Reginald. There TSM performed brilliantly and much higher to the expectation of all and scored 22-6 and at the end of the round that was two shorts of Cloud9.  Finally, TSM lost the game to Cloud9.

But he couldn’t succeed in the next game after reaching the finals of NA LCS along with TSM. In NA Split MVP Bjergsen was ones again awarded the gamer record three times. He was among the top 20 gamers who were counted for his excellent performances in the field of the Western game. In the year 2015, he was awarded the MVP titles that are considered to be the most prestigious award among the gamers.

His team went for winning the NA Championship and ultimately surpassed the famous Team Impulse and the other one titled Cloud9.  Though Bjergsen was not qualified for it he started up with the IEM Katowice. Unfortunately, he lost to the winner namely SK Telecom T1. TSM finished off in the third position and had a tie-up with the team “Royal Never Give Up”.

After he returned back to the US, he lost massively with Eco Fox. Soon after the massive win, Bjergsen got awarded in the category of the Most Valuable Player Awards.

Personal Life

Bjergsen was brought up with his two brothers. He is a simple boy with many dreams which he wants to fulfill.  Presently, he resides in Los Angeles, California.

He has devoted much of his time in uploading some of his latest developed video games.

He is having a unique playing style that is appreciated by all his fans and followers. He is having more than 1.2 million viewers and is having a good amount of subscription.

He is focused on his career now and has shared no such information about his personal life.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Soren Bjerj

Date of Birth: February 21st, 1996

Birth Place: Denmark

Age: 22 Year Old

Profession: YouTube Star and Profession Gamer Height: 1.62 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.5 Million dollars