Summit1g Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Really a man can win the heart by any work the only requisite is sincerity. Jaryd Lazar the professional video streamer had proved this true. Gathering more than twenty thousand subscribers on his Twitch profile has earned a reasonable popularity as a video streamer. He is just not a streamer but given it a different dimension which can influence some young people to be into this profession.

Along with his streaming, he is also known to be a semi-professional gamer. At Counter-Strike: Global Offensive he streams. In addition to his subscribers, Summit1g had also convinced more than 2 million followers to follow his account on the Twitch.

In the year 2013 Summit1g came up 7th in the Qualifier level at the season 15 of famous North American ESEA Invite. He began his gaming career professionally with the team ‘Exertus eSports’ in the last month of the year 2012.

The successful streamer who has a good zeal for gaming as well as more than 350 thousand followers on his YouTube account. Along with it, the Twitter has over 300 thousand followers. His performance had already convinced the huge number of followers of his channel to view his uploads regularly. The astonishing figure of 69 million views as of March 2016 is enough proof of his caliber and acceptance.

During his tremendous run as a streamer and gamer, the popular figure as a YouTuber has gathered not less than $1.3 million dollars as his estimated net worth. At the EPL and ESA, he is one of the most competitive players.

At the various eSport tournaments, he had participated in an appreciable performance for many teams. So far in his gaming career Summit1g had bagged almost $2800 from 6 tournaments.

Early Life

He is famous as Summit1g but this is obviously not his original name. Summit1g is actually born as Jaryd Lazar on the 23rd April 1987 in Colorado, California, United States of America. Though he was born with a mixed ethnicity and has a distinct Hungarian descent there is hardly any information available about his early childhood.

The world is also not aware of his parents and their occupations. We know any anything about how he grew up and with whom. We also do not have any information about his schooling and education. We do not know in which school he had attended but we know that Summit1g is having a deep interest in stream videos.

Counter-Strike is one of his most memorable and of course noteworthy earlier streaming operation. Before he stepped into the streaming world and considering it to be his professional career he worked as a call representative at the Warner Cable.

Improving gradually through sincere effort with his individual flair had gained huge confidence in streaming videos. If one is quite regular in watching a video stream then one has definitely come across ‘WarZ’. This is released by the streamer and has been titled as “Infestation: Survivor Stories”.

After this release, his popularity grew overnight and his channel got the momentum to gather massive fan base and followers. After the successful release of Warz, Summit1g has started taking Counter-Strike seriously. He became a professional gamer who regularly invites a call from another gamer on the ESEA. On the FPL Summit is facing another competent contestant as US CS: GO Pros.


Though he is now a well-known figure in the video streaming he started his working life as an employee of the company named Time Warner Cable. But after entering in the gaming world he had earned a reasonable recognition as a professional gamer. He is playing some games with his fullest sincerity and efficiency. Among the list of his playing platforms “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” is one of the major game.

Other than this he is also participating successfully in Arma 2, Arma 3, The Culling, and Infestation: Survivor Stories, DayZ, Rust, Tom Clancy’s The Division and H1z1. What is amazing about the gamer is that he takes very less rest. He is regularly playing various solo games during the night. It is not that he is always playing alone rather in today’s world the gamer had to find some team to excel.

At the beginning of the year 2015, he played for the team ‘Torqued’ and played in a tournament which the world knows by the name ‘Clutch Con’. Then in the same year in March he appeared in the Alienware Cup for the squad Area 51 who are also known to the world as Quantic Gaming. The next month Area 51 came up 4th in the 7th season of CEVO Professional Placement. He has served many teams during his gaming career. Next year in 2016 Summit1g was seen on the floors of a famous tournament of North America.

He played in the IEM Season X WC for the team Potato Streamers. This tournament took place in February and after a gap of one month, he appeared in another North American game which he had already played. In April 2016 he teamed up with “Ze Pug Godz” and played in the 9th season of the CEVO Professional Qualifier matches. Same year after a month he went in to play at the game DreamHack Austin representing ‘Splyce’.

In a constant search for a perfect team he ultimately became a member of team Mythic and started putting more effort for skillful playing. At the 3rd season of the ECS, he placed his team at a respectable position. This had happened in the North American Development League in 2017 February. Then again in April 2017, he was seen at another North American game ESEA Season 24: Main Division.

He also played in North American 2017 Open ESL One: Cologne. He kept his successful run going and then appeared in the North American Open Qualifier, 2017 DreamHack Valencia. He made a huge contribution to his team and his team made a remarkable victory by 16-8 over the Ghost Gaming, already the famous eSport squad. Gradually Summit1g has traveled to the upper tier of the gaming world through his serious approach towards the game in which he participates.

In 2016 at the CS: GO Championship and the MLG Americas Minor Championship he was declared second best player. He had also earned respectable ranks in some other tournaments.

At Counter-Strike in the Playoffs of the 9th season at the ESEA Invite, he reached forth rank. In another prestigious game of the North America Division ESL Pro-League he played for the Misfits in the sixth season and win over the opponent with a formidable margin of 16-9 over Splyce.

Personal Life

A name has emerged in the life of Summit1g and she is Desirae. Though there is no accurate information from when these two hearts know each other but it is known that they know each other much early. What is more interesting is that she is also a player on the Twitch.

He enjoys his streaming and stream on an average 6 days every week and gets almost 20,000 views every day on an average. It is worth mentioning that his channel on the Twitch has been declared as the 39th channel in the list of most viewed channels.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Jaryd Lazar

Date of Birth: 23rd April 1987

Birth Place: Colorado, California, United States of America

Age: 31 Years Old

Profession: Video Streamer and Gamer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1.3 Million