Tyson Fury Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

Tyson Fury is a world known British boxer whose greatest success in career was defeating one of the biggest boxing champions in the world, Vladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Early life:

He was born in Wythenshawe in Manchester, England on August 12, 1988 in a family of Irish Travellers. This is how he got his boxing nickname “Gipsy King”.

His father John is from Galway and his mother is from Belfast. Tyson inherrited his love for boxing from his father, who was also a professional boxer. To be fair, a lot of hus cousins and family members are also involved in boxing.

Career development:

He began boxing for the Irish amateur section after which he enrolled the English boxing team too. Belfast was his starting point, after which he transferred to South.

In his first international team fight Fury won all of his matches. Unfortunately his teammates weren’t thaz successful.

He won his first Championship medal (bronze) in 2006 at AIBA Youth Championship. He was the winner of the EU Junior Championship in 2007 and his name became heard in the professional boxing circles.

During his amateur career he has only four loses and raised a high number of 31 wins. He got involved in pro-boxing in 2008 with a win against Bela Gyongyosi. This was aa huge thing for the person his age and his scores were incredible. People used to make bets all of the time and there were even some inside jokes made about his never-ending wins.

In 2009, he had to fight for his heavyweight title. He defeated a very good boxer named John McDermott to win this English Heavyweight title he was longing for.

2010 brought him worldwide recognition especially for the fact that he won all of his matches by knock-out.

He gained the British heavyweight title in a hard fight against Dereck Chisora in 2011. It was a great success since Dereck was undefeated at time.

2012 was the year when Fury finally gained the Irish Heavyweight title by defeating  Martin Rogan. He was especially proud of it because he loved his Irish descent. He also defeated Vinny Maddalone the same year.

His American debut came in 2013, when he was announced to a fight against Steve Cunningham. It was his first USA fight.

In 2015 his fight against Vladimir Klitschko was one of the most viewed fights in a long time. It was twelve rounds long and Tyson was the winner.

He was under the investigation for illegal use of substances in 2016. He moved away from the media during first that period. In the end, he retired for good.

Although there were rumours that he will start boxing again in 2017, it still didn’t happen. The media doesn’t have much new information on him since he decided to stay away from everything they pursue and hide his life from them.

Lately, Fury is contacting press and announcing his big comeback to the ring after two years of inactivity. Although he gained weight and isn’t in his true form he claims that he will beat Anthony Joshua and win over the British heavyweight belt in the summer of 2018.

During the time he was out of the ring he struggled with depression and weight.

He has an impressive number of winnings and fights behind him: 25 winnings from 25 fights and eighteen fights ended with a knockout – impressive numbers!

Personal life:

Fury is married to Paris and has three children with her; a daughter Venezuela and sons Prince Tyson. Paris is a traditional Irish Traveller, who works at home and takes care of children. She was raised in Doncaster in South Yorks.

They met when they were teenagers and stayed together since. Paris was only 15 and she attended a wedding of her friend.

They got married in 2008, in her hometown, following the travellers tradition. This was something that grew on him.

Paris is a very loving wife and likes her quiet living. Their marriage had ups and downs, and they were especially devastated when Paris had a miscarriage in 2014. This was a very hard time for the star.

She told him she was pregnant one day before he had the biggest fight of his life: the one against Vladimir Klitschko. He said that it gave him the inspiration to win the fight.

After his big victory when he took Klitschko from his throne where he’s been for one decade, he showed his soft side and the gipsy music talent when he started singing to his wife. He sang  Aerosmith’s hit “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”.

They are very religious, as most of the Irish Travellers and their religion is Christianity.

Tyson was named after a great boxer named Mike Tyson (because his dad was a boxer and adored Mike).

Fury is a Manchester United fan and a known collector of their items. He doesn’t mind saying that and also likes to post some MU related things on his social media.

In December 2017 he became a father again when his loving wife Paris gave birth to their fourth child: a daughter Valencia Amber. These are the most wonderful moments in his life, as he says, and they are worth more than any trophy he has got. His wife kept him stable and helps him stay modest throughout the controversies and wins he went throught

Quick summary

Full name: Tyson Fury

Date of birth: August 12, 1988

Birthplace: Wythenshawe, Manchester, England

Age: 29

Profession: former boxing champion

Height: 206 cm

Weight: 116 kgs

Net Worth: $20 million